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We started shooting films back in November of 2010. Since then, our videos have accumulated over 1 Million combined views spread between our Robot Panda and IRainMan youtube channels.

You have a bunch of talent, you make music, you have a creative vision – i get that. Lets get to work already! You have an idea of where you want to be in life. Passion for your art is pretty much flowing out of your pours. You’re speaking my language now! You know that if you had some awesome visuals along with a little help in promotion of your brand, that you would blow up! That’s why we’re here, offering bonus feature packed packages at discount rates.

All our films (starting Oct 2012) will be shot, edited and uploaded to the web in 1080p High Definition. We compress our videos to ensure NO distortion on large computer screens / monitors and projectors.


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1. INITIAL CONTACT, send an email to with the song you would like to shoot along with your phone number attached. We will get back to you answering any questions you might have, as well as talking about ideas & your vision for the video. Once you pick a package, we will book a brain storming session which leads to the pre-production phase.

2. PRE-PRODUCTION, Half of the balance of your video package will be due at the brain storming session. This helps lock you project into our client work load line. For example, if you purchase the silver package – $150 will be due at the brain storming session, and the $150 balance the day of shooting. In this phase we get ideas for locations locked in, any potential cast members picked and a story board / shot list put together. We book a day for the official music video, and keep in contact between the two dates.

3. DAY OF FILMING, the balance of the video package is due on this day of filming. If you need to reschedule for any reason, let us know at least 48 hours in advanced. This gives us two days notice to fill that slot with other work. If you give us less than 48 hours, a $50 dollar rescheduling fee will be due the day of shooting. The final product will not be uploaded or delivered until the balance is paid in full. You’re not only buying the final product, but your buying that time slot as well. Once we book your session in, and you cancel last minute – there is no way we can fill that slot with another paying client at that short of a notice.

4. BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE, if you purcahsed a pacakge with behind the scenes footage, we will be taking photos and videos during the entire session. We will film on location interviews where you get to be the center of attention by telling the viewers what we are up to. The photos get uploaded into a full feature web blog and the videos get inserted into our online show, The Daily Grind.

5. FULL FEATURE BLOG POST, behind the scenes photos from your session will be uploaded into a journalistic blog post on our website within 7-12 days. It will have a full write up with photos and links that will direct people to more of your work. The blog posts aid in building hype for the release of the official video.

6. PRIVATE SCREENING, if you purchased the platinum package – you get a private screening for you and 20 of your closest friends. PRIVATE SCREENINGS CAN BE ADDED TO ANY PACKAGE FOR ONLY $200. The session is hosted here on the southside of Chicago at The Robot Panda Studio which is sponsored in part by Smear Music. The 100″ projector screen is in the lounge area which will have a fully stocked bar in the back. Usually private screening sessions start at 7:30pm and last until 11:30pm / Midnight. Speakers are installed in the ceiling and the debut of your film will be at 9pm. This gives your guests more than enough time to arrive to our studio and get comfortable before the video plays. After the video, if you bring your music on a usb drive, we can play it throughout the studio while everyone hangs out. We will be taking behind the scenes photos and video clips during the screening session. That content will be uploaded online to help build hype for the official drop of your music video.

7. OFFICIAL VIDEO RELEASE, the video drop will be scheduled for a specific time and date. The final film will be uploaded to our Robot Panda youtube channel and you will receive the HD film on a CDR. The video captions will have a description, links to the behind the scenes photo albums and all of your social media pages.

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