Here are images from a session i had with Lord Vino 1. He came by the studio needing images for a cover to promote his new single. We got a bunch of awesome shots in the studio, then i had him cut down on the photos so i could edit them. Stay tuned for more work coming soon.

Images from Ralo’s photoshoot for his album cover. We filmed a bunch of visuals a few months back and now he’s in the process of working on a bunch of new music and building his team. When i get back to Chicago, i’ll be filming some new videos.

A set of images from my session with 400 Block. We filmed majority of the scenes in one day. Recorded some final outro scenes a few days later. Make sure you check out the video. We currently have two new pending projects that are done being shot and just need to be edited.

Check out the photos from two different music videos i shot for Dinero Dynasty. I filmed both sessions on location at the studio out west. The first set of images was filmed mainly outdoors. The second music video we filmed in doors to fit with broll footage i had of gold being melted down into bars.

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