Robot Revolution (Official Vid)

After getting fired from his job in 2009, Panda scrambled to put the pieces back together. The plan was to either finish college, find another job or start the rest of his life as a self employed artist. The decision came fairly easy, as if it was chosen for him by cosmic consciousness. After 3 and a half months of planning, Panda and Ebony moved into a small one bedroom apartment in Little Village, and turned it into their home / office / studio / salon. With a budget of practically nothing, they had to exercise their creativity to figure out ways to make things work.

April 2013, will be The Robot Panda’s 3 Year Anniversary as well as the Launch of the I.RainMan Agency. We have plans to scout and work with up and coming musicians, models, artists, comedians, fighters, and other talent. Also in development are 4 new lines of merchandise due to be released mid October! Soon we will kick back up Season 2 of The Daily Grind Show. Its going to be an exciting year!

“I was blind until i freed my mind. I started studying Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics and Ancient Astronaut Theory in between working on photos and videos for clients. That’s when my life changed forever.” – Panda

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