Bulls Pride (Diana)

Its a little after midnight which makes it Thursday now. For the past week or two i’ve been going to sleep later and later. Originally i was knocking out around 2am but now its pushing border line 7am. The days def have been blurring together and the only thing keeping me on track, is a giant ass dry erase calendar board on the wall next to me. The next few days are going to be pretty wacky as i finish up some work and tie up a few loose ends. It’s been a while since i had the chance to get on the website and really type an update up for you guys – been super busy working on videos lately! We’re going to be launching I.RainMan as an Agency come April. We’ll eventually put information out there in regards to different positions / internships we’ll have available!


The photos in this post are from the first of four photo shoots we had with Diana here at our studio on the southside. The concept was supposed to be Bulls Pride, but in the final shots – all the photos showing the front of her shirt that said bulls – ended up getting cut. Lol. I first met Diana at a music video shoot for an Artist named Gandhi. She was the model for his music video – and after the video shoot at the Sybaris, we took a series of promotional / behind the scenes photos. Fast forward a bunch of months and BAM, here we are! Im not sure which set it going to be uploaded from her next, but def stay on the look out! We have a ton of plans to work with her in the near future! :)


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