Work Hard Play Hard

With all the windows secured and blacked out at the studio, I can’t tell if it’s sunny or gloomy out. It’s about to be 3pm on a Tuesday and I woke up not too long ago after a long night of recovery. I haven’t been sleeping much lately – a by product of the daily grind. Once I get this blog post finished, Ebony and I have to pack some stuff to head to the library down the street to use their computers / internet. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we had working internet at the studio. When we were at our old studio in Little Village, I switched the billing method to paperless – which meant I only got emails when it came time to pay the bill. The first few months I made full payments on time but after a while I started to forget about the bill since I didn’t get anything in the mailbox. Long story short, we moved to our new studio and they opened up a new line of service. Once everything processed they combined our account balance and gave us 2 days to pay $400 before turning off our internet and phone. With company expenses, things didn’t line up right and we’ve been working around not having internet for 2 months. Being used to focusing on the positives in life, the plus side to not having working internet is that I’ve been able to get a new 5 year plan put together. All the details of our company structure have been put together finally and plans we had back in 2009 will be possible come 2017.


The session we had at the studio was somewhat structured but everything was put together last minute. After the original plan seemed to fall apart, the backup plan was to have a private invite only session at the studio with our clients and close friends. Ebony and I spent the entire day cleaning, moving furniture and running errands in an attempt to get our place ready for the night. It would be the first time we invited a big group of people to come over all at once. The night started out extra smooth. Ebony’s girl Nini came with Natalie and Sergio Razta around 9:30pm ish. By the time they got here I had already picked up Austin, and we were chillin here with F5Chicago and his manager Jack. We rolled a few blunts and doobies and got the night started. I made the first liquor run after more of our clients arrived but when I got back – that’s when shit got wacky. My guy had invited a girl who wanted to bring some friends to celebrate her birthday. Long story short, when I came back from the first run the studio was packed with a shit load of people. It was a lot of running around that night, I think I made 3 liquor store runs and barely sat down the entire night. I tried my best to say my hello’s to everyone and take photos at the same time. Because of all the craziness and the unexpected last minute changes, I wasn’t able to get a lot of footage. Regardless, the night went super smooth thanks to my guys helping me keep shit under control. Luckily nothing got broken, there’s wasn’t too big of a mess, and from the looks of it everyone had a really good time.

Check out the photos I was able to snap, below. I want to plan another session to thank our clients that came by. I’ll be keeping everyone updated, but all the info this time will be super low key. I’m going to start getting my stuff ready to head to this library to upload some work. Later tonight I have a few phone conferences with investors and clients. Lots of stuff in the works!



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