I just wrapped up a meeting with Chi here at the studio, a few hours ago. Im listening to Ludacris’ Chicken and Beer Album while drinking a coke from the laundry mat. We had a meeting with Chi to talk about some company investments as well as his music video which is in the final stages of being edited. He recently bought a new car, so we hit the gas station to pick up a few things then sat down and talked business.


We filmed his music video here at studio over the span of two days. Looking back we actually filmed everything backwards, lol. The first day, we crammed all the long solo shots into a small time block and spent the second day filming a few broll scenes. Out of all the projects I have, this music video will be the first finished video, uploaded in a while. Not having internet here at the studio has been a drag. It’s really slowed down the rate of upload of fresh content. The plus side is I’ve had time to plan out all the corporate structure for the company, so our world domination plan is a green light!

I’ll be meeting with Chi again sometime next week end, and by then – I plan to have his music video 100% finished and ready for upload! For this film, he purchased a video package that included a private screening party. So once the film is done, we’ll be planning that session! Im about to get a bunch of writing done, so stay tuned for more posts!



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