Pistol and Bandannda 2

Listening to some Tech Nine right now, Trippy Shit. I found a case with a bunch of old cd’s earlier and while writing these blog posts, I started playing them one by one. Ebony and I maxed on some Burger King then hit the laundry mat finally. We’ve been trying to get shit done for the past few days but we’ve been having back to back meetings with clients and investors. I had a meeting with a good friend of mine from back in the day, and now im contemplating if I want to get back into boxing. My friend Efrain has a fight coming up for Golden Gloves in March 2013. About a month and a few days away. I want to see how the guys in my weight class are fighting and I guess we’ll go from there. Lol.


I’ve been knowing LA for a while now. The first time I met him in person, I didn’t even realize who he was until I went back home that night, lol. I bumped into him at Storm Studio’s while it was at the Chocolate Factory LLC. I went that day for a session Fresh and Ebony had – and LA was there, but I didn’t know it was him. We had emailed each other a few times about music video work in the future. ANYWAY, we’ve had a bunch of long talks since then and we’re on the same page when we create visuals for his music. This film was for his track Pistol and Bandanna. We filmed the video in a building that was undergoing Rehab. The drywall was ripped off all the walls, and everything was stripped down to the bare structure. I arranged a few things, set my camera and showed LA how the scene looked on the camera.

This album has photos from the second day of filming. It’s been about four months since Day One. He got busy, we got busy – but we were finally able to get together with all the things we needed for the video. The original video had a whole storyline plotted and a bunch of additional scenes were going to be needed in order to wrap up the project. Last minute we switched things up and everything fell into place smoothly. Stay tuned for the official music video!



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