Jacks’ Bday Bash

Finally! Photos from Jack’s Bday Bash at Linkin House! They’ve been done for about two weeks, but the internet isn’t connected at the studio right now so it’s been making everything drag ass. I was actually with Jack’s earlier today. I woke up around noon to get ready for a music video shoot with Angel Duzt. He rented a limo for the film, and he was set to pick me up at 1:40pm. After he picked me up and we got to the limo, we were waiting for the girl for the video – he said her name was Jackie and that I knew who she was. I nodded, but had no clue who he was talking about. While sitting in the Limo, Angel’s phone rang – It was Jackie – She was walking down the side walk towards us. While setting the camera I looked out of the window and noticed it was Jack’s! I was like, ohhhhh Jackie? Jacks? Lol.


We spent an hour and a half ish in the limo, filming for Angel Duzt’s new video, Tears. Afterwards we came back to our studio on the southside and filmed a few scenes of Jacks standing in front of the Green Screen for the music video’s hook. But ANYWAY, photos.. From.. Jacks.. Birthday.. :) She had hit me up a week before her birthday asking if I was booked – after a few emails back and forth we locked in coverage of her birthday at Linkin House. It was my first time going to that venue. I loaded up my camera gear and headed out to the club. The drive wasn’t too bad for our studio being on the southside and the club being up in Lincoln Park.

While walking towards the club, I was talking to F5Chicago on the phone about some projects we have in the works. It was super cold out and the ground had a layer of ice building up. I had all my camera gear packed away in my backpack so the guys in the front didn’t know I was a photographer. I told them my name was Panda and I was taking photos for Jack’s birthday party. They didn’t know anyone by the name of Jacks but one of the bouncers recognized me because of the work I do. He shook my hand and I walked right into the venue. When I got inside I ran into Mike Famous – a guy I used to work with about a year ago. We stood by the doorway and caught up with each other real quick. He was telling me that he has been the manager of the club for a few months now, I told him about the work I’ve been up to – then had him point me in the direction of the bathrooms. I had slammed down some energy drinks before getting to the venue, lol.

I walked around the club and when I made my way upstairs I bumped into the birthday girl and her group of friends. I hugged jacks and said my hello’s to her friends. I introduced myself then afterwards, unpacked my gear for the night. I took some group shots of everyone while we waited for Jacks’ table. After a bunch of drinks were passed around the table, I took some photos then made my way around the club to explore. I made some adjustments to my camera’s settings and walked through the crowd. I bumped into this guy named Rene – who I went to high school with. We bump into each other at clubs every now and then. He’s always mind blown when he sees me taking photos etc, because in high school I was on a completely different page, lol. This night at Linkin House was sorta weird, because I kept running into people I knew from back in the day before I was ‘The Robot Panda’. Trippy Sauce. Anywho – check out all of the photos below! It was a pretty dope night that made me miss covering events. I’ve been super busy lately with corporate company work that I haven’t been able to cover events as much. BUT tons of new work coming soon!



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