It’s January 1st! The first day of the New Year and I figured I’d start it off right by getting some writing done. Typing out full blog posts isn’t something I have to do – majority of the other photographers I know release final images and that’s it. The downside to that is, you never get to know the story behind the images. I’ve got three albums to type up blogs for, which includes this one. The internet has been off at our studio since Dec 13th, so being able to get work online has been a bit difficult. I use the internet on my phone right now to check emails from clients, and to upload sneak peak photos on Instagram and Facebook. Ebony and I were planning on going to the Library around the corner today so that she could look at cook books and so that I could upload a few more videos. I figured they’d be open today, so after waking up at 1pm, I gave them a ring. Long story short, they’re closed – but its cool, I didn’t have these posts ready for upload anyway, lol.


Dwolo sort of came out of no where, lol. One day I was checking the emails on our Robot Panda facebook Fan Page, and I saw a message from him. He was asking about video package prices so I sent him a link to the package info page on our website. Within the hour we got everything situated and started to get details together for booking our brain storming session. Fast forward about a week – and now we’re at the day he was scheduled to come into the studio. Ebony and I cleaned the place up, drank some coffee and chilled out waiting for him to get here. When the classical music ring tone on the studio phone rang, I picked it up and headed to the front door. I met him and two of his friends outside, then showed them the way in after our quick introduction. The goal of that day’s brain storming session was to figure out shoot locations, extra’s that would be needed, the storyline and story board as well as the official shoot dates. We played the song a bunch of times and i was able to lay out some of the ideas I had. I explained things as visually as possible so that we could all be on the same page. – Lets Fast Forward to, Filming Day 1 – I had a session with JTG and Gchild the same day of DWolo’s music video shoot. As soon as JTG left, DWolo showed up with a group of his friends. I already had all the lights set up on the different locations inside the studio, so filming started pretty quick. I flicked the lights on in the green screen room and had Dwolo start off first. I hit record on the camera, pressed play on the song, then turned the volume up. Eventually I had all his guys come in one by one to film their cameo shots. We had a brief intermission where I switched some lights around and made adjustments to the location by the projector. We shot a few scenes with variations all in the same room. With these shots we were able to build the bulk of the video.

Day Two of filming as a pretty long day, lol. I spent the midnight – four am trying to lock things in with a girl to play the role of the hot mom for the music video. I had just finished up photos from a shoot with Ely earlier that day so around 2am I figured hey, why don’t I ask her! After a few texts back and forth we locked it in and I picked her and her friend Britney up a few hours later. I drove down to Wicker Park and they hopped in the car. I looked at the directions on my phone and started driving toward the expressway. We all talked and caught up with each other while driving to Arlington Heights. I first met the two girls at parties a year or so ago. Last year I spent the spring/summer/fall season covering a shit load of events. They would go to a lot of parties, etc – but it wasn’t until a year laterish that Ely and I got together to do a photo shoot. ANYWAY, we got to Dwolo’s place and I started setting up the lights and mapping out where the scenes would be shot. Since we filmed all of the solo and group scenes on day one, we only had to film the story line clips. We shot a bunch of angles for the music video, and by 6:30pm we were all wrapped up! (while writing this blog post I took like an hour break, was looking through our 2012 Archive for Photo Shoots. I want to try to figure out a way to make a highlight reel or something.) Since the internet has been out at the studio, The official video for MFHM has already been released. A copy will be uploaded in a day or so and will be live on our Youtube Channel, Website and Fanpage! Stay tuned for updates, we’re already planning a video shoot this Sunday for DWolo’s next project!



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