We’ve been having multiple meetings with clients every day for the past 6 days! I was able to shoot a bunch of new content for the website and finally start a few projects. I woke up not to long ago (2pm ish) and the coffee machine is already on and brewing, lol. Since today is the first scheduled day all week that i don’t have any meetings, im planning on getting a bunch of work done. Today the Sex Bucket list post is going live online as well as photos from Refresh’s (@F5Chicago) new music video, ‘Mike Tyson’. The goal is to upload more than 12 posts for the month of December. If you look over to the right side of the website, the Archive breaks down our work neatly, by year and month. Recently i’ve been trying to push myself to get more work banged out and put online. As long as i get the same amount as last month (12 posts) then i’ll know we’re posting semi-consistent.


I met Mike, the author of the book, last year at Exxxotica the Porn Convention. Ebony and I had press passes to take photos and videos for our website and fans. Mike had rented a booth for his book the entire weekend and we bumped into each other and started talking about the work we all do. Fast forward a year, and now we were able to link up at our studio to shoot a commercial for his book! He wrote out a script and found a few people to play the actors. He’s looking to raise capital for the development of the mobile version of his book.

About a week or so ago, we had the official shoot day lined up. The studio phone has classical music set as the ring tone. When i heard it playing i picked it up and saw it was Mike. I opened up the door and everyone made their way into the studio. Mike popped open five bottles of wine and lined the bar with wine glasses. He poured drinks for everyone and while the girls sat on the couch i arranged the lights for the video. I did alot of running around, grabbing cords and power strips. By the time i had everything together, the girls were ready for the first take. I took a look at the script and broke it down into a few different sections. I explained how we were going to shoot solo scenes and group shots. We all made notes, then i stepped back and hit the record button.

The filming went super smooth. So smooth that we actually got wrapped up pretty quick. We shot all the scenes we had originally outlined, and reviewed some shots on the spot to make sure it looked okay. I had everyone chill out while Ebony and I set up my camera Mic inside the studio booth. We mounted it to a stand, and ran the line through the booth wall into the control room. Once it was all put together and ready, i had the girls and mike, record their script one by one. I wanted to use the audio for some voice overs to clean things up if needed. It was the first time using the booth and it was pretty legit!



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    YOU GUYS are the BEST! Your book ROCKS…..My bed!

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