Mike Tyson Sneak Peak

While writing the last post, i thought i was going to have a meeting free day. Just finished locking in a session for 9pm tonight with a musician, lol. We’re going to be talking about a few projects he wanted to start working on. Its about to be 7:40pm, but to me this is morning time. I woke up at two in the afternoon after last nights private screening session at our studio. I woke up, rolled a blunt and shazam, now im here. I’ve been responding to emails and calling people back for the past hour or so. Getting things locked in for later this week. Once this post goes live online, i’ll promote a few things on our facebook fan page, then get back to editing. I’ll have about 30-40 minutes until having to get ready for tonight’s session. -FAST FORWARD SIX HOURS- Wrapped up the session and we’re chillin right now! We had a sit down with Crazyv and planned some projects! We’re going to be going out of state to do some work in January! Going to finish up this post finally! I’ve been trying to put it online for the past couple of days, just have been so busy! Lots of things in the works! 2013 Takeover!


I first met Refresh through an artist we used to work early in 2011. Over the span of the first 8 months or so of working together, we were able to shoot and release two Official Music Videos. After that things got a bit rocky with the team and everyone sort of went their own way. Fresh and I still talked on a day to day basis, but it wasn’t about work anymore. Our conversations shifted to shit about life and random updates on what we were all separately working on. About 7 months past by and we saw fresh only a hand full of times. During the separate grind time, Ebony and I had moved out of our old studio and into our new studio here on the Southside of Chicago. We’ve been planning projects and work for a month or so now and finally a week or so ago, he came by the studio with skylar, eric and jack. The goal for the night was to shoot a music video for fresh, and work on an epk for Skylar. Fresh and Skylar originally thought we were just going to take some photos for skylars Electronic Press Kit, but then i explained that i wanted to shoot an instudio interview. They had a bunch of pre rolled blunts so i pulled a few more chairs into the studio room and handed them a lighter.

I played some music while we chilled out and played catch up. I asked skylar how school’s been since he finally made that transition to highschool. He told me how he already got suspended for some fight the other day, Lol. I opened up my files and started to play Fresh’s song, Mike Tyson. He explained his concept a bit more, and i broke his song down into sections. We brain stormed some ideas for the shoot, then walked around the studio to look at possible locations. After smoking another blunt, i set the lights and the speakers up. I had them stand around the bar @ our studio, and i made the necessary modifications to the light setup. I recorded a few test video shots and showed the group how they looked in slow motion. They lit another blunt and i stepped back to start filming. I recorded a couple scenes on that location to make sure we had more than enough footage for the final cut. The focus point of the scene was to have fresh in the center of the frame. The other guys would be along the edges of the screen and all the extra space in the scene would be filled with weed smoke. We were able to record alot of clean shots and after a few reviews, we moved onto the next location which was the couch.

I moved the furniture to shape the letter ‘v’ – then i arranged the lighting again to make sure everyone was highlighted correctly. I recorded some initial B-Roll / Secondary footage, then recorded the actual take. After working together for such a long time, fresh already knows my stlye and knew how to move to fit the camera angles etc. We eventually made our way to a corner hall way in our studio. I wanted to separate fresh from the group in the shot and accent both groups with lighting. The scene was planned to be a headshot / close up to use in emphasis of his punch lines, etc. We filmed 3 or 4 takes, and the final take was the ‘Crunk Shot’. It was only supposed to be a 40 second clip, but it turned into the entire song, lol. We had two more scenes planned, but after talking and a shot review, we cut one of the scenes out. The final scene was close up footage of each person hitting the blunt. I had Fresh sit down and adjusted the lights. After a few sparks from the lighter, the smoke was being recorded in high definition. In this album, we were able to pull off some pretty dope shots. I thought that the smoking shots were going to be super hard to capture. I put it into my head that we were going to easily get raw footage. When it came time to edit i was shocked at how dope everything came out.

The official music video should be dropping soon. I just have some work i need to catch up on, then i’ll be able to finish editing it. We have a bunch of other projects in the works with Fresh and Skylar, so def be on the look out! We’ll be dropping alot of work these next couple of months! Its about to be 3:30am and im craving a cup of coffee. I want to stay awake and get some work done. We’ll see what happens. Lol.



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