Angel’s Private Screening

Its a little after 8:30pm on Friday night and im here at the studio putting in a solid day of work. I haven’t really had much edit time lately. Been having alot of meetings with clients and we’ve been shooting almost every day. When i woke up at 3pm, I asked myself if we had any appointments today. After laying there for a few minutes, i realized it was a free day! I’ve been editing and sorting through work for the past couple of hours, really taking advantage of this time. I’ve got a few tweaks to make to two music videos, before they get uploaded this week. Also have a video commercial to finish for the Sex Bucket List and another music video for Refresh (@F5Chicago). I wrapped up shooting wolo’s music video yesterday, and i have photos from an event AND from a photo shoot with jacks, to edit. Not to mention 3 months of footage to cut up for the debut of Season 2 of, The Daily Grind Show. #grindmode


Last weekend we had a Private Screening session for Angel Duzt’s music video, “If You Only Knew”. Earlier that afternoon i was doing a photo shoot with Jacks here at the studio. Angel came by around 6pmish to drop off a bunch of folding chairs, some munchies and some liquor. He left shortly after to pick up a few people. By 7:30pm the studio was full of people who came to get a sneak peak at Angel’s music video. We recently put together a bunch of new music video packages, and angel took advantage of our Platinum Package which included a Private Screening for up to 20 people. We waited for a few more people to get to the studio before playing the video. Everyone took a seat, i adjusted the volume, turned off all the lights and hit play. I took some photos while everyone sat back and watched the video. Once the film came to an end every one clapped and Angel thanked everyone for coming out. I told angel to bring people into the studio room so i could take pictures of everyone posing in front of our screen. I’ve got a few things to tweak on his video – then it’ll be ready for its debut on Monday! Follow him on twitter (@AngelDuztMusic)!



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